February 13, 2019

Unbanned Whatsapp number massage useful for all.

Unbanned Whatsapp number massage useful for all.


Hello Whatsapp Team

I'm Just Send Some Message To My Friends Or Groups And My Whatsapp Number Was Banned. I don't Understand What You Do !!

I'm Resepct Whatsapp Terms Or Policy But It Was Mistec. Please Review my Activity I'm Sending Some Good Message To My Whatsapp Frinds or Group Or Not Violated Whatsapp Term's Or Policy.

This Is my Real Whatsapp Number and I'm Using Whatsapp With This Number Since 2 year. Many Friends, family or other important contect connect me on Whatsapp so now he was unable to connect with me and I'm also unbalanced to connect with us. It's huge problem for me. I hope you will understand my problem.

So my humble request to you please unbanned my number. I'm tusrt on Whatsapp and use it but WhatsApp is banned it's big loss. May be you can understand please unbanned my Number +919512797356

Give me Chance and Unbanned my Number I will be never violate Whatsapp terams or Policy in future. Please Please Unbanned Whatsapp number. +919512797356

Thank you..

Hello Whatsapp Team

I'm Accept I was Violate Your Terms Or Policy And I'm Really Sorry For That It's Mistake.

But Some People Are Wrongly Reported my Number because I'm Sharing Real And Useful Message but He doesn't like it. So He was Wrongly Reported my Number And my Account was Banned.

This is my original Whatsapp so many Friends, Family or business Clients or customer join with me on Whatsapp so my account is most important for me.

I Requesting You To Unbanned My Whatsapp And Give me one Change I will Never Violate WhatsApp Term's Or Policy Please Understand My problem And Unbanned my Number 9925483938

Thank You...