December 16, 2018

Develop discipline and positive attitude in life.



Anyway it reached the office.
Today it was his interview.

It was decided that no one would be able to do so
If a job is found then you have to move to another place.
Mom, Dad's everyday things like: -

- When the sun rises, the sheets are equal,
- Turn off the tap when it comes out,
- Dry drying of blood on the body,
- Why do not the fan stop if you leave the room,
I am disturbed by the factories.

Passage light was also going on at ten in the morning
There was also no receptionist. It stopped the lights because Mom remembered the tick.

There was no door on the office.
The water next to the water came out of the pipe
It did the same. Because the father's note was remembered.

The board had stated that the second floor is an interview.
Also close the CD's light.
A chair had a horizontal lane similar to that.

The first floor was also another candidad
Who quickly went inside and came out immediately.
I asked them that no one would ask.

When my turn arrives then go inside and show my file. As soon as the file was viewed, the manager asked:
Do not Join When.
I was surprised that nothing was asked without asking
Aprilflowers do not do so

Bose understood and said:
Yes Brother is not the flower of April Fool.

No one has asked anyone in today's interview

Just watched your attitudes at CCTV.

All cadentad comes, but nobody tuts off the tap or lights off
One you have passed in.
Blessed are your parents who taught you the lessons of such sacraments or disciplines.

The person who does not have self discipline fails to run in management and life as much as he can.

I decided to go home and apologize to my parents, and I will tell you that your maternal grandfather has taught me the lesson of life today, before my degree has no value.


Develop discipline and positive attitude in life.