January 9, 2018

Government to bear 30% of CCTV cost of residents.

Government to bear 30% of CCTV cost of residents.

Gujarat government will provide 30 percent of total expenditure to society members of any society of Ahmedabad city, which plans to install CCTV cameras in their societies.
The proposal named project Trinetra commenced recently. Police Commissioner Shivanand Zha, has instructed police inspector of every police station about the same and has asked for quick compliance. The project says that the Chairman/secretary of the society should procure the relevant form from local police station and submit it after filling it up.
Each society will have to comply with the rules & regulations issued by state police. The form consists 19 points covering details regarding number of house that are given on rent, number of security guards & maids hired in the society. State government will bear 30 percent of total expenditure or Rs.150,000 whichever is less. The place of installation will be decided by the local police that will visit the society to decide whether in addition of entry and exit gate, there were requirement of CCTV cameras to be installed

Closed Circuit TV A self-contained surveillance system comprising cameras, recorders and displays for monitoring activities in a store or company. Earlier analog CCTV systems used a single VHS tape machine for each camera, specialized “quad” VCRs that recorded four low-resolution images or time-lapse recorders that handled multiple cameras. Although analog cameras are still used, VHS gave way to specialized digital video recorders (DVRs) with multiple composite video inputs.

As with any imaging device, the analog CCTV camera has a sensor which captures the video image.  The resolution of the sensor varies but for reasons which will be described later, it is limited to 720×575.  This is 720 pixels across the screen (horizontal resolution) and 575 up and down (vertical resolution).

The video is captured at 60 intervals called “fields” and transmitted to the receiver.  Two fields together are called a “frame.”  This is called interlaced transmission.  More on this later.

To get the video out of the Analog CCTV Camera into a recording and display device, a single coax cable is used.  To maintain compatibility with analog televisions (and hence make it easier to use off the shelf products for display and recording), the signal that comes out of the camera complies with broadcast television standards.

Government to bear 30% of CCTV cost of residents.