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June 11, 2017

Tips to get Get Call And Sms Details Of Any Number.

Tips to get Get Call And Sms Details Of Any Number.

A simple phone usage tracker that emails you texts and call logs daily.
Each day the app sends you a list of calls made and texts exchanged from the phone to your email. Configure the time of email as needed.
This app was born out of a real need, users often bought new phones, reset to factory settings or simply missed important texts that get lost in the 100s of messages they received.
Access your text messages from your computer anytime, see a clean log of text messages, calls with the time they were sent / received with the names from the phone contact list too.
Configure the app to get all your text messages in your mail daily or weekly, assuming you use gmail you can now search for messages that you received months ago just by a keyword!
Free Phone tracker is a powerful phone monitor that sits in the background tracking texts and logging calls all the time collating them into an email report at the end of the day that shows all the texts and calls made during the day in your inbox.

Access to all your texts and SMS messages at all times via your email.Access to your call logs so you know who you called at what time.Access to numbers who text you or call you even if this data is lost on the phone.Quick change of phones without worrying about copying text messages.Never lose a number, you always have access to numbers who called you.Never miss a text, all texts are collated into a report that comes to your email at the end of the day.Keep an eye on expenses, long calls can be expensive, check your usage on the daily report.Monitor phone usage on devices that you lend to your children, employees or others.Track calls made by salesmen so you know exactly how many calls were made with their duration.Keep an eye on texts and calls made on your elderly parents phones to keep them safe from text / call based scams.

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